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Ep6. From “preserving identity” to “decoupling identity” - with Liberto Pereda

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Host: Sara Moore

Ep6. From “preserving identity” to “decoupling identity” - with Liberto Pereda

Ep 6. SHIFT FIVE: I am my identity > I have an identity [with Liberto Pereda]

In this episode we introduce two profiles of human consciousness: “reactive” and “creative.” Todays world is calling for the ambitious to be less reactive and more creative in our way of “being". Seeing ourselves AS our identity versus simply HAVING an identity is often what gets in our way because if we are our identity we need to preserve it to survive instead of play full out.

Wayne and Sara explore with Liberto how we can make this sometimes-difficult separation, and why it is important to unleash the full potential of not only yourself but of everyone around you.


Guest: Liberto Pereda 

Liberto is Managing Director of Leadership Circle Europe, and also founder and facilitator at the consultancy Kanvio (for vitality) working with clients all over the world. Liberto is passionate about evolving a world based on trust and personal power. Where challenges, are references, and not obstacles. Where we use diversity to grow and change our reality from the self and throughout all his work is sourced from a belief that within each of us there is a creativity, power, wisdom and courage.


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