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Ep7. From "being a victim" to "choosing agency" - with Jo Corbishley

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Host: Sara Moore

Ep7. From "being a victim" to "choosing agency" - with Jo Corbishley

Ep 7. SHIFT SIX: Being a victim > Choosing Agency [with Jo Corbishley]

In this episode of Ambition. Unleashed. Sara looks into how often we catch ourselves saying “things have gone well considering the circumstances”. Blaming circumstances, the competition, the people around you or even just bad luck are all indicators that a victim mindset is lurking. Victim is a bold word. We are not talking about victims of crime, or abuse, or health conditions – these are true victims with whom we must stand and support. The leaders’ victim mindset is the acceptance of a lack of agency. It is a trap that is all too easy to fall into. But agency is a choice, and we will discuss how you can start making this choice today.


To look into this important shift, Sara met with Jo Corbishley, an improvement coach, TEDx speaker and author opening up about a very personal set of circumstances when she found out she was unable to have children. She is now the founder of a business that helps people of all ages to explore their value and embracing what we all offer the world despite what is thrown at you in life.


Guest: Jo Corbishley

Senior Leader and Identity Coach, Jo Corbishley, IS an authority on helping people to find out who they are so they can perform at their very best and find their place in life.

Hitting 40 and finding out she couldn’t have children was a devastating blow to the previously successful businesswoman who believed that hard work and determination got you everywhere in life.


Jo uses her own experience to help others find their place, passion, and purpose, helping her clients to feel alive on more. Jo works organisationally to support clients to find their competitive niche in the marketplace, build powerful teams and how to harness positive change in businesses, along with marrying this with her wealth of experience in project management. Jo juggles all this with running a farm of ever-expanding family of goats along with writing her wonderful children’s book: Sweet Haven Home and the Pony Who Wanted to Prance.


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