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Ep 8. From "managing problems" to "embracing setbacks" - with Sylke Poeling

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Host: Sara Moore

Ep 8. From "managing problems" to "embracing setbacks" - with Sylke Poeling

Ep 8. SHIFT SEVEN: Managing problems > Embracing setbacks [with Sylke Poeling]

In this episode of Ambition. Unleashed. Sara explores how leaders can embrace setbacks and ultimately create a culture where failure is productive. Leaders are beginning to come to terms with the fact that setbacks are inevitable. ‘It’s okay to fail’ is a good starting point, but that attitude alone is not enough to reconnect us to the sense of high possibility that a breakthrough commitment requires. In principle, we know that if we’re going to take a car on the road, we can’t drive it forever without needing new parts. Too often, though, we’re still letting breakdowns lower our expectations of how far we can travel. When the wheels fall off in our organisation, we’re faced with a choice. We can go down the path of least resistance – ignoring the problem, justifying it or assigning blame – ultimately lowering our expectations of what’s possible. Or we can acknowledge the breakdown, declare it and resolve it with the right people.

Today’s guest is someone that has dedicated their professional life to facing into setbacks to deliver world-class medicines to patients all over the world - Sylke Poehling


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Guest: Sylke Poehling

Senior Vice President and global head in Therapeutic Modalities for Research and Early Development at Roche. She is most definitely a curious scientist, systems and imaginative leader, who likes to thrive on activating people’s pioneering spirit to push the boundaries of drug discovery and expand the ‘druggable target space’.


Sylke is a passionate champion for DEI, with a particular focus on gender parity for women in STEM and has nurtured and fostered

the career advancement of key scientific talent and senior leaders.


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