Listen to us on The Leadership Enigma podcast with Adam Pacifico

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Listen to us on The Leadership Enigma podcast with Adam Pacifico

Each week, Adam Pacifico - leadership expert, author, opinion columnist and barrister - is joined by global experts, academics and disruptors as he pushes, prods and provokes 'The Leadership Enigma' on his successful leadership podcast. In episode 51, it was our turn. Our CEO Mike Straw, virtually sat down with Adam to unpack how leaders can create Breakthrough by Design.


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If the status quo is a super magnet, we all need to unlock our potential and those that we lead, for a thriving world. In the episode, Mike talks about the work we do with leaders and teams all over the world to breakthrough their limiting beliefs. And how we develop them to stop acting on the stories they tell themselves to instead focus on liberating their thinking, sparking ambition, embracing 100% responsibility and taking bold and rapid action. 

As the world constantly changes, then - in theory - today is a simple as it gets! It’s your leadership capabilities that will make the difference for your business, your people and your success. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner or seasoned corporate executive, Adams podcast series uncovers the tools, techniques, strategies and lessons learned to catapult your leadership capabilities in preparation for success in a constantly changing landscape.


Thank you Adam.


Published 07/06/2021

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