Announcing our new podcast: "Ambition. Unleashed."

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Announcing our new podcast:

Our new podcast will help you realise and then realise your biggest, boldest, most breakthrough ambitions.


The last two years have been uniquely challenging, but they’ve also made many of us more resilient. We’ve learned to ride out the worst of storms, but are we still sailing to an impossible destination? Or will we defer our dreams for a more ideal moment?


Soon we’ll be launching a new leadership podcast called Ambition. Unleashed. – a series of eight episodes that will unpack eight mindset shifts that are essential for achieving your ambitions. These shifts are universal, so it doesn’t matter if you’re C-Suite, middle management or an individual contributor – or simply a self-identified average human caught up in the busyness of day-to-day life - if you have bold ambition, however buried, this podcast is for you.


Each podcast episode will last about 45 minutes and will be packed with insights, ‘aha’ moments and immediately actionable tips. Tune in to listen, and it could quickly become the most inspirational and productive 45 minutes of your week.

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Ambition Unleashed – the podcast at glance


When does Ambition Unleashed launch? Q1 2022.


Why should I listen? So you can achieve your biggest, boldest, most breakthrough ambitions in life.


When should I listen? It’s the perfect background for your winter walk, a commute, or even while you’re out enjoying a spring run, pounding the treadmill or doing another exercise routine.


Who’s it for? This podcast is ideal for anyone with an ambition they want to realise - and will be particularly valuable for anyone who wants to cultivate their own leadership capabilities, even if they don’t have a leadership position yet. 


What to expect? Plenty of ‘aha’ moments, renewed clarity and energy to pursue your breakthroughs.


A disruptive line-up

Our podcast hosts are Breakthrough Thinking pioneer and practitioner, Sara Moore, and Wayne Alexander – a former director of a global health charity, turned mindset, behaviour change and transformation extraordinaire. Between them they have coached many of the world’s most ambitious leaders, managers and executives at many of the largest and most renowned Fortune 500 corporations. And together with their Achieve Breakthrough colleagues they have consulting on some of the most complex and high-stakes organisational change and transformation projects these organisations have undertaken over the last 15 years.  


They’re quite the combo! Sara brings infectious energy and profound insight and Wayne an extraordinary ability to make complicated philosophy’s and ideas accessible through world-class storytelling.    


And of course, we’ll also be featuring a phenomenal line-up of guests from the business world, academia and beyond.




Dive deeper than convention

In Ambition Unleashed, our hosts will be unpacking conventional leadership wisdom and examining it through the lens of breakthrough thinking leadership philosophy. It’ll be a powerful way for anyone to understand the potential limits of how they currently think. 


We won’t be providing quick fixes here, but a way for you to begin the work of a lifetime. Some of what you hear in these eight episodes will no doubt still resonate with you several years down the line.


These episodes will cover eight key shifts so that you can begin exchanging conventional thinking for Breakthrough Thinking. These are:

  1. From limited possibility to unlimited possibility
  2. From preserving my identity to having an identity
  3. From being a victim of circumstances to having agency despite circumstances
  4. From playing not to lose to playing to win
  5. From predicting to declaring
  6. From seeking certainty to embracing exploration
  7. From managing problems to getting momentum from setbacks
  8. From being a knower to a learner


Sign up to your ambition

So many of us have projects and plans that we put off ‘for another day’ or ‘until the time is right’. But how long should we wait before we begin something that’s important to us? Take action to reframe your thinking, and in the years to come you’ll be able to reflect on how a small shift in your perspective changed so much more. 

Ambition. Unleashed will be available on all the major podcast platforms. Subscribe today and begin the journey from resilient living to breakthrough leadership.


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Published 02/02/2022

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