The Little Black Book of Change: Ch. 2 / Shift 2: Developing Breakthrough Ambition (part 3 of 8)

Daniel Elvery

Daniel Elvery

The Little Black Book of Change: Ch. 2 / Shift 2: Developing Breakthrough Ambition (part 3 of 8)

The LBBC synopsis 

The Little Black Book of Change (The 7 Fundamental Shifts for Change Management that Delivers) is now available as a free 8 part e-book series. Start downloading today your go-to-guide to delivering effective and transformative change that lasts.

The Little Black Book of Change is co-authored by Achieve Breakthrough CEO Mike Straw and Paul Adams - an experienced CEO of both corporate and SME organisations, as well as one of our longstanding clients. The book provides a practical, concise and insightful guide to understanding your organisation and inventing something extraordinary - and is based on Achieve Breakthroughs core leadership and cultural philosophies. 

It is not about 'run of the mill' change programmes. It is about delivering extraordinary results – something that is not at all predictable. It will be your insight into creating significant shifts in the way people think and behave which can be applied in any area you wish; from improving service levels to cost reductions, innovation or increasing market share.


Chapter Two / Shift Two: Developing Breakthrough Ambition

 How to ensure your change or transformation is truly Breakthrough and inspires your people to take on the impossible.

When developing breakthrough ambition, it’s important to be bold; to be clear about what you really want for your organization and why. Then declare it.

Very often, visions and mission statements are simply not bold enough, nor do they articulate where leaders want to take their organizations. You need to be able to:

  • Define what you really want, versus what you think you can do. Management will only break free and achieve extraordinary results when they are engaged with what they truly want, and when they can see the limits of existing customs and practices.
  • Create a compelling reason for change.
  • Challenge yourself to be bold in your level of ambition: go beyond predictable and expected outcomes.